Don't Go Tellin' Your Momma. ©2021.

Directed and written by Topaz Jones and Rubberband.
Creative Direction by Eric J. McNeal
Cinematography by Chayse Irvin, ASC.
Still photography by Chayse Irvin, ASC. Jason Filmore Sondock.
Collage animation by Jason Filmore Sondock.
Costumes designed by Eric J. McNeal.
Edited by J.M. Harper & Nate Katz
Production designed by Madison Hatch
Casting directors Katharine Mateo and Nouri Hassan, for XYNE, co.
Produced by Luigi Rossi
Produced by Jason Filmore Sondock and Simon Davis
Executive produced by Kevin Storey

A SMUGGLER production.
Executive produced by Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody, Sue Ahn, Trace Henderson, Elizabeth Doonan.

In association with Frenzy Paris.
Executive produced by Elsa Rakotoson and Julien Bastien

In association with BWGTBLD GmbH.
Executive produced by Philipp Ramhofer and Jakob Preischl

In association with SECTION80.
Executive produced by Caterina Colombo and Marco Orlando

Starring Topaz Jones.
Narrated by Black Thought, Topaz Jones, Lisa Jones, Emma Jones.

Featuring interviews with Rodney Jackson (E), Frances Perez (G), Black Thought (I), Keith White (O), Ivy Sole (L), Emma Janice Jones (R), Kaity Rodriguez (V).

Friend 1 (A) / Sourbelt kid 1 (S): Austin Brandon
Friend 2 (A) / Sourbelt kid 2 (S): Isaiah Thomas
Friend 3 (A) / Sourbelt kid 3 (S): Rasheed Maiden
Extra (S): Brandon Scotland
School boy (C): Dontae Quadir McCoy-Williams
Drummer (D): Jharis Yokley
Educator (E): Rodney Jackson
Young Kid (H) (I): Aiden Taylor
hip-hop legend (I): Black Thought
Kid 1 (I) (Q): Amari Ford
Kid 2 (I) (Q): Derek DJ Boomer
Kid 3 (I) (Q): Skylar McDonald
Woman in bed (J) //
Sourbelt Kid 4 (S): Ariana Duplechain-Cook
Big dude (N): Julian Smith
Woman combing hair (N) (S): Rughda Baldo
Trainer 1 (P): Kevin Storey
Trainer 2 (P): Kirk Charles
Kid 4 8-12 years (Q): Kyla Mack
Kid 5 8-12 years (Q): Ma’at Zari
Male kid 1 (T): Ra-shon Fuller
Male kid 2 (T): Kyon Powell
Male kid 3 (T): Macahi Hernandez
Couple 1 (Y): Bethany Morrison
Couple 2 (Y): Michel Tarawali

Location Manager: Don Shapira.
1st Assistant Director: Lionel Cineas.
2nd Assistant Director: Kenny Williams.
2nd 2nd: Wendell Sisnett.
Line producer: Raven Jensen.
Production Manager: Lucy Rennick.
Production Coordinator: Sasha Abed.
Production Coordinator: Lia Mitchell.
Production Coordinator: Nick Jones.
Associate Producer: Josh Sondock.
Associate Producer: Francesco Rizzo.
Line Producer for Pick-Up Shoot: Taylor Russo.

1st AC: Jasmine Chang.
1st AC (Pick-Ups): Alice Boucherie.
1st AC (Pick-Ups): Nicolas Lopaz
2nd AC: Emma Penrose
2nd AC: Shaun Malkovich
Loader: Sarah Penson
Sound Mixer/Boom Op: Samuel Stevenson-Yang
EPK/BTS Director: Andrew Price
Gaffer: Iain Trimble
BBE: Carolina Acero
Electric: Adam Mantell
Key Grip: Rob "Smitty" Smith
BBG: Alex Fedler
Grip: Justin Wilson

Wardrobe Assistant: Hassan Boone
BG Stylist: Elena Lark
Hair/Make Up Lead: Nigella Miller
Hair/Make Up Assistant: Zarielle Washington
Black Thought’s Hair Stylist: Darien Hillard
SFX HMU: Lili Li
Set Dresser: Kevin Cabello, Tommy Mitchell, Rachel Marquez, Kyra Boselli.

Covid Controller/Medic: Edva Pace and Adam Pace
Caterer: David Wiesner
Parking Coordinator: Jose Gutierrez
Office PA: Daniel Order
Truck PAs: Angel Flores, Leandro Rodriguez, Jay Rosenstein, James Jimenez.
Driver PA: Shaniul “Tony” Islam
Set PAs: Matt Scalora, Callum Stembridge, Amanda Silverstein.

Edited by: J.M. Harper and Nate Katz.
Additional Editing: Simon Davis
VFX by: Kao Chang Kai and Dara Hamidi
Processing Lab, Motion: Kodak
Senior Lab Manager, Processing: Anthony Landano
Scanning by: EFILMS / Company3.
Senior Producer, Dailies: Alexis Ross
Processing Lab, Stills: The Color House NY

Service Production Company: LFR Productions Inc.
Camera Rental: Technological Cinevideo Services
Grip & Electric Rental: Double Down Lighting
Camera Support Rental: That Cat Rentals
Catering Company: Monterone Catering
Walkie Talkies: Lentini Communications
Production Supplies: Quixote
Motion Picture Film Stock: Kodak, Reel Good.
Art Vendors: State Supply
Picture Car: Veloce Picture Cars

The Production wishes to thank: Valerie Hepburn Ruffin, Curt Jones, Lisa Jones, Erin Wahed, Trace Henderson, Debbie Sondock, Clifford Sondock, Donna Davis, Eric Davis, Colin Davis, Bklyncombine, Anne Hubbel (Kodak), David Grove (Company3), Munir Nuridin, Ethan Boey-Doe, Jared Knecht, Samuel Miller, Jihan Joseph, John Williamson, Larry Kramer,
The City of Garfield, New Jersey
The City of Montclair, New Jersey
The Borough of Brooklyn, New York
The Residents of Ditmas Park

Rodney Jackson: Topaz’s 8th grade history teacher, Renaissance Middle School - Montclair, NJ.
Frances Perez: Woke Foods Co-op, New York City.
Keith White: Lawyer + Activist, The Brooklyn Combine - Crown Heights, BK.
Black Thought: Top 5 Dead or Alive, Lyricist, The Roots - Philadelphia, PA.
Kaity Rodriguez MSW, LCSW: Serenity Wellness + Therapy Services - Montclair, NJ
Ivy Sole: Lyricist, Rapper + Record Producer - Charlotte, NC

Color by: Color Collective.
Colorist: Alex Brickel.
Color Producer: Claudia Guevara.
Sound Design + Mix: TRAIT Sound, London
Sound Designer: Benson Herbert & Tom Field.
Sound Mix: Benson Herbert.

Emma Janice Jones - Linden, NJ.